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    LGA Bylaws 2024

Download in PDF: Shadowmoss_LGA_Bylaws_Amended_02-17-2024.pdf



(Amended by vote on 2-16-2024 to1) allow Officers to select 5th Board Member if the immediate past president is unavailable to serve. 2) change practice for Ringer Board and Birdie Tree (added to this document)


The name of the association shall be: The Shadowmoss Ladies Golf Association.


This organization is formed for the purpose of promoting and conserving good fellowship and friendly competition among women amateur golfers. To hold an annual championship and such other events as the Board of Directors deem advisable. It shall at all times be governed by the rules of the United State Golf Association of America, unless otherwise designated.


Section One: The officers of this association shall be President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Section Two: There will be a Board of Directors consisting of the officers of the Association and immediate past president. If the immediate past president is unavailable or unwilling to serve the current Officers may select a member of the LGA to serve on the Board of Directors.

Section Three: Officers shall be nominated and elected at the monthly business meeting in December and serve for a period of two years.


Section One: Membership in the association will be limited to adult women 18 years of age and older.

Section Two: Regular members of the association are members in good standing of Shadowmoss Plantation Golf and Country Club. Annual dues shall be charged to

regular members at a cost of $30.00 with a minimum of $6.00 for incoming new members. Associate members are members that are not members of Shadowmoss Plantation Golf and Country Club. Associate member dues are the same as regular members plus the cost of maintaining their handicap with Shadowmoss Plantation Golf and Country Club.

Section Three: Eligibility consists of:

A. The annual dues shall be paid to the treasurer by the last calendar day of January (amended 9-16-17). No member shall be eligible for tournament play until her dues for the current year have been paid. All members who have not paid their annual dues by the February meeting shall be dropped from the association, b but may be reinstated upon payment of her full annual dues.

B. Members are eligible for play in all tournaments and participate in play day events, if they have an established handicap at Shadowmoss Plantation Golf and Country Club.

Section Four: The acceptance of membership in this association shall bind each member to abide by the conditions of the Constitution, By Laws and Rules of the Association and to accept and enforce all decisions of the Board of Directors. Refusal or neglect on the part of any member belonging to this association with the decisions of the Board of Directors shall render such a member liable for suspension or expulsion by a two thirds majority vote of the Board of Directors. No member shall be expelled or suspended without due notice and an opportunity to be heard in her own defense.


These by laws may be amended at any monthly or special meeting of the association by a majority vote of those present or voting by proxy or email to Secretary prior to the meeting, provided that proposed amendment have been submitted in writing to the Board of Directors at least two weeks before being voted upon and provided also that a written notice of the proposed amendment shall have been posted in the club house at least ten days prior to the meeting.

9-16-17 Addition – LGA Expense

All LGA expenses for tournaments or any other LGA expense such as dues, mailings and memorials are the responsibility of the LGA and not of any individual member or committee. Such expenses if paid by a member are eligible for reimbursement. If a player chooses to donate goods or monies to the LGA that is at the members discretion.

Vote 2-17-2024

The Ringer Board and Birdie tree and all other LGA awards will be restricted to play in an LGA event only. Those events include Wednesday Play Day, Saturday Play and LGA Tournaments. Achievements in other events cannot be posted to Ringer Board or Birdie Tree as of 3-1-2024.



· Be positive, be inclusive and be fair to all members. Make sure all members have an opportunity to offer suggestions or opinions without interruption during meetings

· LGA Board consists of current officers and immediate Past president – if immediate Past President is a current officer – suggest default to previous President. Board has some responsibilities as defined in by-laws

· Represent the LGA needs, concerns, suggestions and compliments to the Club management

· Work with committee chairs as needed to resolve issues or conflicts or to improve relations within the LGA

· Encourage new membership – contact Club regarding new members each month and reach out to any female members

· Encourage members to participate in events

· Conduct scheduled meetings following any tournament or any other meetings convened to discuss LGA business.

· Approve minutes of meeting before Secretary forwards to membership.

Vice President

· Perform above in absence of President


· Communicate news to Club for publication in Newsletter and Newspaper – such as upcoming tournaments, tournament results, Hole in One etc.

Sunshine/Good Cheer

· Send birthday cards, sympathy cards, flowers as appropriate to members and family.


· Produce annual handbook

· Post birthdays in Locker Room

· Maintain bulletin boards

· Maintain LGA Gmail account – provide email communication to all members

· Keep minutes in hard and soft copy


· Work with Office and Committee chairs to set annual budget

· Manage LGA checking account

· Arrange change of signature authority if President changes

· Collect and track all dues and communicate to Secretary for Membership roster

· Track all expenditures

· Provide reporting to members of current balances and expenditures

· Update Ace and Memorial plaques as needed – Palmetto Awards


Tournament Chair/Committee

· Create LGA tournament schedule and get approved by Club in early January of each year - typically 7-8 per year

· Provide schedule to Secretary for Handbook

· Coordinate each tournament – email notification, post signup sheet, coordinate pairings, game, scorecards, scoreboard with Club

· Prepare budget for tournament and requested needed funds from Treasurer (considering monies paid for entry) – keep records of all expenditures

· Coordinate beverages and food set up with Club for meeting – be sure a tip is included in expenses and given to Restaurant manager.

· Make up payout envelopes – announce winners at meeting

· A checklist will be provided to incoming Chair.


Wednesday Play Day – Birdie Tree/Ace

· The Chair is responsible for all Wednesday activities.

· Makes certain there is a Host for each Wednesday.

· Records scores and determines Ace of Month and awards funds obtained from Treasurer.

· Post and tabulates Ringer Board and Birdie Tree results and presents winners at annual Christmas party.

· Is in charge of planning and organizing the Ace of the Year Tournament with the Club and Tournament Committee.


Meeting Format for all LGA Meetings

· Welcome to all present

· Make motion to dispense with reading of past minutes – if 2nd is received motion for approval. If not approved, ask Secretary to read past minutes.

· Thank committee for tournament

· Discuss any new business – allow members to bring up topics for additional discussion

· Discuss any old business – allow members to bring up additional topics for discussion

· If topics require a vote – refer to By-Laws for posting a topic for vote and determine a time for said vote to take place.

· Ask State, Calga and Palmetto Reps for Updates

· Ask the Treasurer to present Treasury report.

· Allow tournament committee to announce winners (if following a tournament)

· If nothing else – make a motion to adjourn