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Ace of the month & Ringer Board

Ace of the Month competition.

  • Every Wednesday play day each golfer submits their gross and net scores.
  • The play day chairperson records these scores and at month's end the player with the lowest net of that month is awarded the Ace of the Month prize.
  • The lowest net in any tournament may also be recorded as an Ace.
  • Currently the Ace of the Month receives $10.00
  • A player can only be an Ace once in a season.
  • Each year a tournament is held to give all the Aces an opportunity to compete for the Ace of the Year Trophy.

Ringer Board

  • This board is a way for golfers to record their best scores over a playing season.
  • A player enters a beginning 18 hole score and each time they play 18 holes they may adjust each hole as they improve on it.
  • The field is divided into flights to give everyone a fair chance to compete as the prizes are awarded on total gross scores at the Annual Christmas luncheon.
  • The flights handicaps are 0-22, 23-32 and 33 plus.
  • A score may be recorded for any round played at Shadowmoss and does not have to be played in an LGA event.